Chemical resistant vacuum ejectors and pumps



H series Classic Piab vacuum pump

A traditional H series Classic Piab vacuum pump was developed to be used within the chemical industry or in chemically aggressive environments. It is available with a connection plate in composite PPS or aluminium. Recommend it to be used with practically zero leakage present and in nonporous applications.


Lab Vac vacuum pump

The Lab Vac vacuum pump is tailor-made for laboratory applications, such as degassing, vacuum filtering, gel drying, and rotation evaporation. It can achieve high vacuum levels to 20 mbar abs. with a maximum vacuum flow of 9 m3/h. There is no risk of a “backdraft” which can cause damaged test samples. Its low noise level, easy installation, and maintenance are widely appreciated. It has a high chemical resistance, with an option to have with Kalrez sealing material which normally makes the chemical resistance unsurpassed.



Lab Vac LVH40K6, EPDM sealings, Kalrez flap valves

Lab Vac LVH40K6, Viton® sealings, Kalrez flap valves

Vacuum pump CLASSIC H40, connection plate composite PPS(D), Viton® sealings

Vacuum pump CLASSIC H120, conn. AD, NBR sealings

Vacuum pump CLASSIC H120, connection plate composite PPS(D), Viton® sealings



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