Movement accessories


We offer accessories and rod ends to build the cylinder into a system, rod locks to keep in position the cylinder after the movement, guide units to protect the cylinder from the side load impact, and sensors for the cylinders for sensing the piston position.


We offer different types of brackets that help for assembly the cylinder into the machine. These can connect to the front or to the rear end block or both of the cylinders but has the possibility of the middle supporting.

We offer rod ends that ensure a flexible connection to the piston rod during the cylinder movement.

We offer different types of sensors with a LED indicator that could be installed easily on the different actuators. The detection method and the signal provided may vary according to the type.

We offer different guide units to avoid undesirable side loads that may appear during the movement of the cylinder.

We offer rod locks that can be stopped the cylinder and keep it in position when the pneumatic signal to move the cylinder stops. This position is kept until do not have another signal for moving the cylinder in any direction.



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