Standard ISO 15552 Cylinders

We offer standard cylinders that are compliance with ISO 15552 and with previous DIN/ISO 6421/VDMA 24562 standards.

Standard ISO Cylinder Series SAIStandard ISO Cylinder Series SAI
Standard ISO Cylinder Series SAILStandard ISO Cylinder Series SAIL
Standard ISO Cylinder Series SGCStandard ISO Cylinder Series SGC
We offer standard ISO actuators. All cylinder have a modern design and are developed to save space and weight. Several ranges of ISO certified pneumatic cylinders are available. ISO standards typically refer to the product dimensions, including when mounting brackets or other accessories are applied. This means ISO standard pneumatic cylinders are interchangeable.



Series SAI

Series SAI AirTAC datasheet

Series SAIL

Series SAIL AirTAC datasheet

Series SGC

Series SGC AirTAC datasheet


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