Pressure switches

We offer pressure switches that can be integrated into the pneumatic circuit or in the air treatment unit with or without a display.


Pressure switches Series DPS AirTACPressure switches Series DPS AirTAC
The most typical application within the pneumatic system is to check the pressure or the required pressure value from a safety point of view. The different connections and the different accuracy support in many applications.


We offer pressure switches with a digital display. An electronic vacuum/pressure switch for safety monitoring, optimization of cycle times, or energy-saving devices. It can be installed directly on the gripping point of a handling system. The setting of the limit vacuum value and continuous vacuum control. Perfectly suitable for customer needs.
We offer diaphragm pressure switches are available with NC (normally closed) contacts and with NO (normally open) contacts. We offer pressure switches with a setting visual scale that complies with EN60730 standards and are suitable for signaling pressure through a normally closed Reed contact. We offer an electro-pneumatic transducer that is particularly suitable to convert a pneumatic signal into an electrical signal. The contacts are NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open), thus making it possible to generate or eliminate current when the pneumatic signal is present.


Series DPS

Series DPS AirTAC datasheet


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